Corrie's School of Magic

Planting the seeds of healing one course at a time

Welcome to Corrie's school of magic, a place where all are welcome to come, explore, and immerse in knowledge.

Corrie’s School of Magic was created with an intention to be a place of conversion transitioning from a life of “have to be” to “I chose to change.” A message for us all as a reminder to become the happiest, most content version of self. This is a place, and a movement to the way that we explore and achieve success!

To achieve spiritual growth: emotional, spiritual healing, and maturity are a must!

Are you not tired of fear and insecurity being the selling factor to everything? Or hearing statements that claim you and your world will not exist without buying into the fear of the unmet satisfaction of the shadow?

Corrie was tired of ‘just’ existing within the expectations of the wants of others, and with an incredible ability to see beyond, she can SEE THE TRUTH of the you, that you are yet to see.

Corrie’s School of Magic is a way home. A change in direction and perception of how we should be, to allowing ourselves to become whole, embodying love and light. Just like Corrie, an out-of-the-box style, a woman with many gifts, talents, and knowledge, and wisdom that cannot be defined.